Smokin’ Dragons

17th January 2019

Nine Lessons and Carols for Curious People

17th January 2019

BBC Science Focus Podcast

26th October 2018

Nixie Tube Clock

26th October 2018

Banksy Frame BBC R4 Today

10th October 2018

Fun Kids Science Podcast Sept. 2018

20th September 2018

Mini Make

18th September 2018

Comedy Concertina

18th September 2018

Host of History Makers Podcast

4th September 2018

3D Printing and Maggie Semple

28th August 2018

Distributed Future Podcast:Makers and individuals

Distributed Future Podcast:Makers and individuals

17th August 2018

Latitude 2018 Cosmic Shambles Podcast

16th August 2018

Bricolage Podcast – Ep 6

1st May 2018

Manufacturing At Heart Podcast

15th April 2018


9th April 2018

Embedded FM Podcast

239: Tweet My Boots

Pursuit Podcast

6th March 2018

What happens to your body in space?

Lucy in zero G

HackSpace Magazine Wearables Edition Issue 4

An interview with Dr Lucy Rogers, discussing the the difference between making as a hobby and as a job, and about why we need the Guild of Makers.

Problem Solving – Blackgang Chine Theme Park

Lucy brought in an amazing team who showed us how to use off the shelf parts and free software


My village sits on top of a hill. Obviously, there’s a gravity cart race!


How to Build a Snowman

The power cables were attached to the lapdock and Pi. Then there was a small amount of faff required to set up the software (it isn’t a Mac that works just out of the box). Everything has to be on and powered up before the Pi is plugged in. But now, I have a fully functional Raspberry Pi.

£150 Computer

The Raspberry Pi computer is great.


Blackgang Chine Robot Dinosaurs

Taking control of animatronic dinosaurs using Raspberry Pis.


Fire Crackers for Robin Hill Country Park

The exciting firecrackers project, from the initial concept right through to installation.


Space Debris Talk at InspireFest 2015

Career adviser didn’t say space junk terminator was an option


My First PCB

"I want to connect my *thing* to the internet"


Hack the Dinosaurs 1

“Help! We need to hack the dinosaurs.”


Hack the Dinosaurs 2

I helped Blackgang Chine take control of its animatronic dinosaurs.

Giant test tubes

Giant Test Tubes

"Can you make an interactive variable colour bubble tube - two foot wide and ten foot tall?"

Dog for scale.

Cigar Box Guitar

I am not musically inclined, but my brother is. And he requested a Cigar Box Guitar. So I made him one.


Buzz Lightyear Cuff

I broke my wrist (being chased by animatronic dinosaurs, or something similar) - so obviously I wanted to decorate my cast!

Cheerlights cast

Twitter controlled cheerlights plaster cast

After breaking my wrist and decorating my cast as a Buzz Lightyear Cuff, I needed further surgery and a new cast.

Firecracker lights

Firecracker Improvements

Firecracker improvements

It's ONLY Rocket Science

It’s ONLY Rocket Science

It’s ONLY Rocket Science – An Introduction in Plain English by Lucy Rogers

Cheerlights orb

Cheerlights Orb

Build a colour-changing, tweet-reacting orb that requires no previous code or electronic skills!

Witt mechanism

Energy Harvester

Is this the Energy Harvesting breakthrough the world's been waiting for?


Hacking Robot Dinosaurs EMF Camp

Dr Lucy Rogers spoke at EMF Camp 2016 about hacking robot dinosaurs


Make a Dinosaur React to Your Email

Step by step guide using a Raspberry Pi and Node-RED. pp 44-45 MagPi Magazine 47

IBM World of Watson

IBM World of Watson

What did Dr Lucy Rogers ‘make’ of IBM's World of Watson 2106?

IBM Bluemix

IBM WoW Workshop

How to control a lot of IoT devices – remotely

WeMos Neo

Connect your Thing to the Internet for £4

Connect your Thing to the Internet for £4

Gold boot

Tweetable Boots

How to: Tweet your shoes to change colour. First Prize in the Internet of Things Builders contest on Instructables

Future Hero

Your Best Future? Be a Maker

Bill Jensen interviews Dr Lucy Rogers for his Future Strong Hero Series

Enchanted brolly stand

Enchanted Brolly Stand

Enchanted Brolly on IBM’s site


IBM Internet of Things HQ

Genius of Things Summit February 2017


Desktop Firecrackers

It’s a cracker! A maker recipe for legal fireworks

Bunny heart

Bunny SMS

Bunny messages using SMS

Career in AI

AI List by Silicon Republic

Ten people to follow if you want a career in AI – by Silicon Republic

Role Model

Develop3dp Interview

Role model interview in develop3d magazine is Dr Lucy Rogers Page 17, April 2017 edition

Maker methodology

Maker Methodology

"What are the key ingredients of a really good #IoT recipe?" @DrLucyRogers explains her maker methodology!



Node-RED in the Factory – Rapanui an eco-friendly clothing company.



Volatile gas sensor and warning light (fartometer)

And then we were done! Now it’s home, there is some minor finishing (sanding) to do, then I plan to oil it, probably with linseed oil. Many thanks to Peter Wood from Greenwood Days and the other members of the course – you made the week great fun – you all rock!

Windsor Rocking Chair

I spent a week making a Windsor rocking chair – from a tree!

Hacking robot dinosaurs

"Come and hack our dinosaurs" – how could I resist a request like this? How I tamed dinosaurs and can train anyone to keep them under control.

Shy and retiring flouncing peacock

12th February 2018

Where Is My Bus?

Fed up of waiting in the rain for your bus? Get distracted by emails and social media when you check the bus times app on your phone? #WhereIsMyBus is designed for you!

Cheerlights Bus v2

You can change the colour of my camper van lamp! Just tweet “#Cheerlights” and a colour of the rainbow

Guest Careers Blog – Create

In our first careers interview blog, CREATE Ambassador Dr. Lucy Rogers tells us about how she uses 3D printing in her current role and about the career path that has led her into this field.

Robot Wars Judge’s Predictions

The judges’ predictions: 8 deadly bots to watch out for in series 10 of Robot Wars

Get started with Eagle PCB design

How I design PCB's using CadSoftusa's Eagle PCB Design Software (part 3).

Disco Necklace

I recently made my friend Matthew a suit with hidden LEDs in it. So that his partner, Hannah, wouldn’t be out-blinged, I made her a disco necklace.

Rocket Cupcake Stand

The rocket cupcake stand - complete with cupcakes.

ThingMonk 2017

15th December 2017

IoT Podcast with Stacy Higginbotham

12th January 2017

Pi Podcast Nr 10

9th December 2015

Ubuntu Podcast

Hacking Robot Dinosaurs

Space Boffins

24th January 2012

BBC 6pm News

13th January 2012

The Space Show

18th November 2011

Talking Space

15th September 2011

Eva Dot It’s ONLY Rocket Science

29th July 2009