Harry Hill invented a Bin-Key – “It crushes rubbish meaning you can fit more in! plus comes with a tap so you can get rid of the bin juice.”

This was the prototype I was to make.  Prototypes show that something will work.  But I decided to make it look fun too – more of a working visual prop – even though it was for a radio show …

Parts used:

  • Wheely bin
  • Water butt Tap
  • 1m length M12 BZP threaded rod
  • M12 washers, nuts and nyloc nuts
  • 3 off 25mm curtain rod sockets
  • Wood screws
  • Hardboard
  • Plywood
  • 22mm Drainage Pipe
  • 2 off Clamps
  • Cable Tie
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • Grey Primer Spray Paint

The Key

Connect Key to Threaded Bar

Connecting the wooden key to the metal screw thread of the “corkscrew” was the hardest part to work out how to make. It would have been simple to weld something – however I didn’t have an available welder.

My idea was to force (hammer) a nut in to a curtain rod socket / curtain-pole flange, and screw that to the wood.



Two crossed battens sandwiching a piece of hardboard.

The threaded rod went through with washers, allowing the plunger to rotate freely around the threaded bar. This means it can be any shape that fits inside the bin. However, the wheely bin is tapered, and the first hexagonal shaped plunger wedged itself against the edges of the bin. So I cut the edges off and made it square.

Connect to Bin

Tap to Release Bin-Juice

Using a Forstner bit, I drilled the hole for the tap. Then I screwed the tap  in.

This involved climbing inside the bin. (Note: I didn’t all fit).



Test bin juice tap with water:

As delivered

As Delivered Bin-Key. Credit: Lucy Rogers