• Plywood sheet, 3mm thick
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Glitter Spray Paint
  • Jigsaw
  • Scroll saw

How I made it:

  1. A picture of a rocket was downloaded from the internet, printed four times then stuck onto cardboard, cut out and fixed with a couple of circular ‘shelves’.
  2. Every dimension was doubled and roughly sketched onto thicker cardboard.
  3. Cupcakes were obtained, measured to make sure the shelves were the correct size. The cupcakes were then eaten – hence no photo. #nom.
  4. A design midway between the two prototypes was chosen, drawn on Inkscape and printed.
  5. The plywood was cut to rough size using a jigsaw.
  6. The outlines for the circular shelves were drawn onto the plywood.
  7. Appropriate safety equipment was worn.
  8. Toys Tools were set up. (I suggest this is *not* done in the living room.)
  9. Shelves were cut and checked that they would slot with other pieces of plywood.
  10. The shelves were then primed and covered with glitter spray paint. This was not the look I was aiming for, so they were then all spray painted black.
  11. A rocket shape was then drawn on the plywood, and cut out. Then it was sanded to be slightly less wobbly.
  12. The “workshop” was moved outside.
  13. Measure twice. Cut once.
  14. Shelves checked.
  15. Four rocket shapes cut, and shelves checked again. The whole lot was then spray painted black.
  16. The top of the rocket was slightly out of alignment, so a circular guide was added at the top.
  17. A final coat of black was applied, topped off with the glitter spray.
  18. Now it just needs some more cupcakes..!