Difficulty Rating: 2/10 – although adult help may be required in lifting

Materials Required:

  • Snow – about 0.05m (2 inches) deep over an area of approx. 10m x 10m – not all of which will be used.
  • Coal nuggets x 5
  • Carrot (common or garden variety) x 1
  • Hat x 1
  • Scarf x 1
  • Twig/branch about finger width thick and 1m long x2
  • Gloves or mittens. Preferably waterproof, however, welders gloves worked OK
  • Elbow grease and/or some friends.
  • Black dog is not required, and may hinder proceedings


  1. Make a snowball by cupping snow between hands. Do not throw it.
  2. Put the snowball on the ground and roll it about in the snow. Keep rolling it around – other snow will stick to it and it will grow – try to keep out of muddy areas.
  3. Once one snowball is large, make a second smaller ball.
  4. Put smaller snowball on top of larger one *WARNING –  danger of injury to back*.
  5. If your snowballs are muddy, pat clean snow over them.
  6. Work out where you want the arms to go.
  7. Insert twigs for the arms.
  8. Place coal nuggets for eyes and buttons and carrot for a nose.
  9. Dress your snowman appropriately.
  10. Take a photo, so you can have a memory when you get too hot in the summer.

This set of instructions was inspired by this tweet by Malcolm Ashton (@TMSscorer) :

All interesting photos by James Macfarlane (@RocketEngines). All others by Lucy Rogers (@DrLucyRogers)

A huge thank you to James Macfarlane for making the whole experience rather a giggle.