How to Build a Snowman - January 2013

Difficulty Rating: 2/10 – although adult help may be required in lifting

Materials Required:

  1. snow – about 0.05m (2 inches) deep over an area of approx. 10m x 10m – not all of which will be used.
  2. coal nuggets x 5
  3. carrot (common or garden variety) x 1
  4. hat x 1
  5. scarf x 1
  6. twig / branch about finger width thick and 1m long x2
  7. Gloves or mittens. Preferably waterproof, however, welders gloves worked OK
  8. Elbow grease and/or some friends.
  9. Black dog is not required, and may hinder proceedings
  • Snowman
    1) Snow about .05m deep
  • Snowman
    2) Coal nuggets
  • Snowman
    3) Carrot
  • Snowman
    4) Hat selection
  • Snowman
    5) Scarf
  • Snowman
    6) Twig / branch
  • Snowman
    7) Glove selection
  • Snowman
    8) IRL (In Real Life) friends are best
  • Snowman
    9) Black dogs do not help


IMG_1317Make a snowball by cupping snow between hands. Do not throw it.

IMG_1900Put the snowball on the ground and roll it about in the snow. Keep rolling it around – other snow will stick to it and it will grow – try to keep out of muddy areas.

IMG_1908Once one snowball is large, make a second smaller ball.

IMG_1914Put smaller snowball on top of larger one *WARNING –¬† danger of injury to back*

IMG_1316If your snowballs are muddy, pat clean snow over them.

Headless Lucy SnowmanWork out where you want the arms to go.

IMG_1340Insert twigs for the arms.

IMG_1350Place coal nuggets for eyes and buttons and carrot for a nose.

IMG_1916 IMG_1917Dress your snowman appropriately.

droppedImage_1 Take a photo, so you can have a memory when you get too hot in the summer.

This set of instructions was inspired by this tweet by Malcolm Ashton (@TMSscorer) :

All interesting photos by James Macfarlane (@RocketEngines). All others by Lucy Rogers (@DrLucyRogers)

A huge thank you to James Macfarlane for making the whole experience rather a giggle.