I am a Transformer. I transform simple electronics into cool gadgets, I transform science into Plain English, I transform problems into opportunities. I am also a catalyst. I am interested in everything around me, and can often see ways of putting two ideas from very different fields together into one package. If I cannot do this myself,  I connect the people who can.

I am an IoT anarchist, I hack robot dinosaurs and I tell stories.

Meet Dr. Lucy Rogers

Science Cabaret with Dr. Lucy Rogers

From Dinosaurs to Rockets

Silicon Republic Article

Article by Claire O’Connell for Silicon Republic:

When Dr Lucy Rogers is asked that inevitable dinner-party question ‘what do you do?’ she has an array of answers to hand. “I play with robot dinosaurs,” she explains. “And when not doing that I am working out the probability of spacecraft getting hit by space debris and I turn science into plain English.”

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